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Get The Look: The Sexy And Feminine Fashion Of AOA

AOA is back! Not only do these gorgeous girls have a great new album and music videos, they also have some of their best fashion yet!

The group’s videos “Excuse Me” and “Bing Bing” focus on vintage-inspired clothes with a modern twist. While most of us can’t go around in skin-tight body suits and satin blazers as dresses, we can certainly take their clothes as inspiration and incorporate them into our own wardrobe.
Whether you like the innocent, 1930s-inspired wardrobe in “Excuse Me” or the magic-infused outfits in the sexier “Bing Bing,” there’s no doubt you can take these amazing looks and transform them into something totally wearable! Read on to see just how you can steal AOA’s gorgeous looks!

 AOA – “Excuse Me”

The outfits worn by the girls in their teaser photos are pretty easy to incorporate into your own closet. Instead of a cropped jacket, focus on the black piping on the trench coat since that’s what really makes this outfit pop. Instead of shorts or a body suit, make the outfit more wearable by pairing it with a pair of fitted jeans. The slim silhouette will still show off your gorgeous legs without making you cold or uncomfortable! Add a pair of red pumps and a sassy beret for a pop of color. If you really want to get into the private detective concept of AOA, make sure to get you a pair of glasses for a cute “disguise.”AOA- EXCUSE ME

AOA – “Bing Bing”

Don’t be scared that you can’t pull off this outfit— with the right adjustments, this is an outfit that is totally wearable for any lady! The key piece is the sheer, feminine blouse. Although this particular blouse is a luxury piece from a high-end brand, it’s easy to find more affordable pieces that are very similar. Just look for a black blouse with sheer sleeves. The polka dot pattern isn’t necessary, but it’s definitely a bonus! To wear this outfit for a sexy night on the town, pair it with a pair of tiny satin shorts in the style of AOA. To go the more modest route, pair the blouse with a knee-length pencil skirt. It will give you the full vintage style while still showing off your shapely curves. To keep the magician feel of the “Bing Bing” MV, go for some whimsical jewelry like these rings and earrings inspired by playing cards. Add a pair of silver pumps, and you’re ready to rock this outfit!AOA- BING BING

What do you think of our AOA-inspired outfits? Are these outfits something you would wear yourself? What other idols or music videos inspire you to change up your wardrobe? Let us know in the comment section below!

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