Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

First Stills Released Of EXO’s Kai On Set Of New Drama “Andante”

The first behind-the-scenes glimpse of KBS‘s upcoming drama “Andante” has been revealed!

On February 7th, KBS released three pictures of EXO‘s Kai on set for the filming of the new drama. Kai plays a high school student who has to overcome difficulties after moving to the countryside and enrolling in a mysterious school. The drama co-stars rookie actress Lee Ye Hyun.

In the pictures, Kai is seen in his school uniform and a variety of athletic-style clothes, emphasizing his youthful appearance for the role.

The staff has spoken highly of Kai, stating that he came fully prepared from day one and ready to give it his all during filming. They promised viewers that they would see even more from the young idol as the drama progresses and his character begins to face new situations.

The drama began filming in January but no pictures have been released until now. The series will be entirely pre-produced. The air date has not yet been revealed.

Check out the images below! What do you think, EXO fans?

Media: KBS

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