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Fave Ent. Collaborates In New Ballad “Spring Again”

On March 16th, 2017, Cao Lu from Fiestar, rapper Kisum, and Yerin from GFriend collaborated together for their new ballad, “Spring Again.”

Their collaboration teasers consisted of small pictures detailing their experiences related to Spring, including the foods, flowers, and all the new couples associated with the flowery season. Springtime is known to be a time of rebirth, renewal, and love. In this music video, the girls undoubtedly show their views on Spring through an amazing set and concept!

The song itself is a very calming, mid-tempo track, but with a catchy sweet melody. The sweet song and their voices mold together for a perfect song for Spring! The beautiful set for the MV showcases many cute pastel colors with flower petals floating in the air, giving that notorious Spring feeling. Yerin and Cao Lu both show a very cute and innocent side in the music video: playing on swings, prancing with flowers, and even eating! Kisum, on the other hand, is shown with her own tissue brand to protect against all the “pollen” she is “allergic to,” as hinted in the song, and waiting for a phone call.

According to the lyrics, the “Heart Fluttering Spring” makes all the girls act differently. The light atmosphere is certainly something that will be played all Spring!

If you have not seen the music video, check it out below and let us know what you think!

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Media: Fave Entertainment.

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