Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

EXO Confirms Upcoming Summer Comeback

After hints and rumors, EXO has finally confirmed their comeback is set for this summer!

Recently the group held a press conference in Seoul for the final concert of their tour, EXO Planet #3- the EXO’rDIUM. During the press conference, member Baekhyun stated that the group’s title track is ready and that everyone at SMTOWN, from the company to the members, were all really pleased with it. He then went on to give a hint about the release date and theme by saying, “What do people say the most in the summer? ‘Oh it’s so hot.’ ‘Hot’ is the hint.”

In addition to Baekhyun’s hint, SM choreography Shim Jae Won has also been busy posting pictures and videos of himself in the dance studio with the members, giving tantalizing glimpses at their choreography for the new song.

It sounds like EXO is going to heat things up this summer! Who’s excited? What do you hope to see with their new comeback?

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