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English Lyrics In K-pop Songs For Your Sentimental Heart

K-pop spreads all over the world for various reasons such as their catchy music and great videos!

However, the lyrics are always beloved by fans for there are stories hidden in every line. For music lovers, they tend to connect with the lyrics of songs and apply it to their own situations.

K-pop’s foreign fans have a bit language barrier, so many choose to search up English translations of the lyrics. Fortunately, K-pop has just enough English lines in their songs that fans are likely to remember those parts the most and really connect to the track.

As such, here is a list of some K-pop songs with English lyrics that made the fans all over the world sing it over again and again.

1) Jessica Jung – “Fly” (feat. Fabolous)

Jessica‘s “Fly” is about a person full of dreams but does not know where to start. In the song, you can feel her determination to reach that certain goal by widening her imagination and looking for the light of hope.

As you listen to “Fly,” you will hear lyrics that tell you to believe in yourself. Out of hundreds that drag you down, just spread your wings and fly. Be proud and shout with happiness!

“You should’ve never doubted yourself.
Matter of fact, you should be proud of yourself.”

2) Henry Lau – “It’s You”

Henry Lau participated in the soundtrack for the K-drama “While You Were Sleeping” with a song entitled “It’s You.”

The song is sung entirely in English so it was able to move the hearts of a larger scope of listeners. Its best part is like a proposal line saying that with everything that has happened, you are the best thing that came to this life.

“You’re the right time at the right moment
You’re the sunlight, keeps my heart going.”

3) Taeyeon – “I” (feat. Verbal Jint)

Taeyeon is one of the SMTOWN’s pillars. She is known for her uniquely powerful vocals and great music.

Her song called “I” is an excellent proof for her amazing pitch and control. In fact, it is a song that made a strong impact on fans all over the world.

Fans didn’t just love it because of her perfect vocals. It’s also because of the lyrics that speak about how you can make your own beauty in life, no matter what surrounds you. Instead, just take it as your main ingredient for a wonderful life!

“My life is a beauty.”

4) SOMI – “What You Waiting For”

SOMI‘s song is a fresh hit in the K-pop world and talks about teenage romance. It’s a song about anticipating a confession but is confused by the other person’s indecisiveness.

One can understand and relate to SOMI’s vulnerable feelings, especially where she wonders if something must be missing about herself. From the secret glimpses to exchanges of smiles in the video, she doesn’t understand why he’s not making his move.

“Am I too good for others, but not good enough for you?”

5) Park Bom – “Spring” (feat. Sandara Park)

Park Bom‘s song talks about how a person comes out after years of hiding from the cruel world. Whatever the world does to her, she makes sure that she takes care of herself.

She sings that she ready to make her dreams come true, and this will be the perfect time to bloom. She will fly and show the world that after the cold winter, it is time to bloom, grow, and make people proud of her.

“You pull me down, but I’m alright.
You make me cry, but I’m alright.”

There are many great English lyrics throughout K-pop songs, but these are some we think are great for the sentimental heart!

What other songs would you have added to the list? What other lyrics stick out in your mind?

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