Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

DSP Media Drops Teaser Images For New Co-ed Group KARD

DSP Media, home to groups like A-JAX and April, as well as former groups Kara and Rainbow, recently dropped two teaser pictures for a co-ed Kpop group called KARD!

Although co-ed groups are not unheard of, it is still a rare thing to see in the K-pop world. Some of the most famous co-ed K-pop groups include Coed School (now broken into two groups entitled F-ve Dolls and SPEED), Trouble Maker, and F1RST. Coed groups do not have a great history of succeeding just yet, but maybe KARD will be the group to change the game!

Starting on December 1st, DSP released a series of three teaser images. The company used a playing card theme for the images. The first teaser image lists the group name KARD and the title “OHNANA,” which appears to be their debut song or album. The next image shows a male named BM on a card labeled King, while the last one shows a female named Jun Ji Woo on the card labeled Queen. In addition, the first image has the number 12 and 13, which correspond to the King and Queen in playing cards. We don’t know how many other “KARDS” will be released, but it’s possible we may see a Jack and an Ace in the near future! Perhaps there will even be 13 total members like an entire suit of cards.

WTK is excited to see what this new group will bring to the table for “Co-ed Kpop Groups” and have our fingers crossed that they will be the next group to break the co-ed curse!

Check out the teaser images below. What do you think?



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Media: DSP Media

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