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Dilemma Production Announces Upcoming KCON In Mexico


August 10, 2016 ,

It looks like KCON will be expanding once more! This time, they will be heading to the hot, passionate land of Mexico!

At the beginning of July, the  Mexican concert promoter Dilemma surprised K-pop fans in Mexico when they published the following on their twitter account:

“Dear K-pop fans, hang on soon, the KCON in Mexico will be unforgettable. And by the way, the one in New York was INCREDIBLE.”

Fans immediately began to tweet to the account of the promoter and began to ask for their favorite bands to be invited. The news has excited everyone in Mexico by letting them know their dream will soon become a reality. It is speculated among fans and the Mexican K-pop community that the groups will be invited: BTS, VIXX, GOT7, Double S 301, B.A.P, and more.

KCON is joint convention and concert that started in Los Angeles in 2012. Since then, they have expanded to New York City, Japan, Abu Dhabi, and Paris. As such, it is no surprise that they would consider expanding to Mexico, where the fan community has proven to be a highly successful market for K-pop artists.

Stay tuned for more details and information about this great event!

MeiZu0606 is a WTK writer based in Mexico City. She is a huge fan of ss501 and is the president of both the Triple S and Henecia fanclub in Mexico. She also loves other groups like Seventeen, EXO, BTS and U-KISS. Her all-time favorite bias is Kim Hyun Joong and despite everything, she loves him with a slightly crazy amount of love! ^^

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