Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

Yebin Looks Flawless In New Teasers For DIA’s Comeback

UPDATED: DIA has released individual teaser images for the lovely member Yebin! Check them out below.

UPDATED: DIA has now dropped invididual teaser images for member Eunchae. Check them out below. So beautiful!

UPDATED: DIA has released two group teaser images, showing off a bit of a bad girl vibe as the members pose in short, uniform skirts as they lean up against a bus. Some of the members have black suspenders, chunky jewelry, and even leather gloves. The concept looks very different from DIA’s past comeback, as well as different from the previous individual teasers. Check it out below! What do you think?

UPDATED: DIA has released the individual teaser images for member Eunice! She looks lovely and fresh in the two images that feature a fun, summer vibe. Check them out below!

UPDATED: DIA has revealed teaser images for their lovely member Eunjin. Check it out below!

UPDATED: DIA has released a highlight medley for their upcoming album, Love Generation. In addition, the video shows new teaser images for their comeback, including group pictures. Check it out below!

UPDATED: DIA has now dropped individual teaser images for Somyi! Check it out below!

UPDATED: DIA has released the second teaser video for their upcoming MV, “Can’t Stop.” Check it out below!

UPDATED: DIA has revealed the tracklist for their upcoming album, Love Generation. There will be four versions of the album, and the title track is called “Can’t Stop.” Check it out!

UPDATED: DIA has dropped new teaser images for member Huihyeon! Check it out below.

UPDATED: Check out the new individual teasers for member Jueun!

UPDATED: Teaser images have been released for Chaeyeon! Check it out below!

ORIGINAL: After releasing a concept photo and teaser schedule a few days ago, girl group DIA has now released the first teaser video for their comeback!

It was revealed that their title track will be called “Can’t Stop.” The short video starts off with the sounds of a vintage music player, scratching and buzzing slightly as one of the members reaches for an old cassette player. As she puts the ear phones on, we see that is it member Chaeyeon. We also see a quick glimpse of all the other members as well when their actual song begins to play.

DIA will make their comeback on August 22nd with the new album, Love Generation.

Check out the video below!

Media: MBK Entertainment

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