Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

“Chicago Typewriter” Star Yoo Ah In Exempt From Military Service

On June 27th,  Actor Yoo Ah In’s management company, United Artist Agency, announced that the actor is officially exempted from military service due to his health problems. In a statement his agency added, “Due to pre-existing medical conditions, actor Yoo Ah In has been deemed unfit for military service by the Military Manpower Administration and received a final verdict that exempts him from mandatory military service.”

Yoo Ah In was diagnosed with a bone tumor in 2015. In addition, he received two different injuries while filming action movies. It was also revealed that the actor suffered a fracture to his collarbone and has been struggling with a full recovery and pain issues since then. Over the course of a couple of years, the actor has been undergoing exams and treatment to get him sufficiently well enough to enlist, however, the most recent exam was his fifth one and resulted in the official exemption status from military service.

Even though Yoo Ah In expressed his sincere willingness to serve, MMA stated that the tumor was already enlarged, proving enough reason alone to exempt the actor from mandatory military service.

We hope for the full recovery of Yoo Ah In!

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Media: United Artist Agency

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