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CCDM (Citizens’ Coalition for Democratic Media) has called out SBS for their recent reporting concerning CNBLUE‘s Jung Yonghwa.

On January 16th, SBS News 8 made an exclusive report about special admissions to the famous Kyunghee University in Korea. According to the report, an unnamed idol was suspected of undergoing special treatment in order to be admitted to the doctoral program at the university. When the news broke, it soon became evident that the idol in question was Jung Yonghwa.

What followed in the days of reporting and speculation was considered to be a witch hunt by some fans, with many netizens criticizing fans for what they felt was foolishly assuming their favorite idol to be incapable of the suspected behavior.

According to FNC Entertainment and Yonghwa, they were unaware of anything abnormal in his admissions procedure and had only followed the guidelines as given to them by the school. However, news reports continued to infer that Yonghwa knowingly did not report to the required interview for admissions.

As such, a huge wave of negative opinion began to be directed at Yonghwa, leading him to announce his decision to enlist this month, canceling other scheduled activities as a result.

SBS News 8 – Jan 16th

The CCDM is a civic group that has been active for years as an organization dedicated to calling for accountability and transparency of the media and their reports. In a detailed article published under their website, they point out that SBS seemed to unduly target Yonghwa as the source of their story (despite other people being involved), seemingly using his idol status to make their story go viral. They summarized the main problems with the report as the following:

Problematic Headlines: CCDM posits that the headlines on both the news report and their online article from SBS used the words “idol,” “celebrity,” and “special admissions” in order to stir up public sentiment. In addition, the news report headline grabbed people’s attention by stating that the idol in question had been admitted despite receiving “a zero” on the interview, later explaining in their actual report that the zero was because an interview had never taken place.

News Anchor Commentary: CCDM points out that the story led with the then unnamed idol star being under investigation, stating that the police had summoned both the idol and the professor for questioning and making this the focus of the case. To end the story, SBS then briefly stated that other influential people such as celebrities and businessmen were also under scrutiny and police would be expanding their investigation to them as well.

Time Allocated To The Star During Report: In continuation of the issues concerning the anchor’s commentary, CCDM pointed out that of the 1 minute and 51 second long news report, 1 minute and 30 seconds of the report were dedicated to the supposed preferential treatment of the idol star. CCDM points out that the investigation and topic at hand was supposed to be about the graduate school providing special admissions in order to generate profit for the school. However, SBS used Yonghwa’s status as the main point of the story.

-Casting Suspicion On Other Students: The following day, SBS confirmed that the student in question during their report was CNBLUE’s Yonghwa. However, immediately following the initial report about the then unnamed idol star, some of the top searched words in Korea became “Kyunghee University” and “celebrity students.” The result was that other students (some of whom were not even in the doctoral program) were seen in a suspicious light with netizens and even tabloid-type websites speculating on who the students were. CCDM proposes that this caused damage to innocent students due to SBS’s “exploitative news” that “encouraged a media witch hunt” that still casts suspicion on the students due to being celebrities and attending the school in question.

To sum things up, CCDM stated that aggressively targeting the idol in question based solely on allegations had resulted in arousing public fury, something which they feel was “extremely inappropriate reporting by the media that runs the serious risk of human rights violations.”

They further stated that exploitative news reporting was continually repeating itself by some media outlets who use celebrities and idols as easy click bait in order to increase the media outlet’s profits.

“It has been proven once again,” CCDM stated in their article, “that the media is breaking down boundaries between reporting and tabloid truth.”

What do you think about the entire issue? Let us know your own thoughts below!

Media: FNC Entertainment
Sources: CCDM (1), Twitter @YoonjiS4 (2)

21 thoughts on “CCDM Calls Out SBS For Targeting CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa”
  1. THANK you CCDM for your efforts . It was very frustrating to hear the FAKE NEWS about Yonghwa and how badly netizen in Korea fell for this explotation. International fans of Yonghwa knows its just for clicks and money. We want SBS and other outlets to make public apology to their bad reporting and upsetting fans around the world.

  2. I wonder why the CCDM didn’t react when all their media trashed accused KIm Hyun Joong without even giving him the benefit of the doubt. Now that was proven he is Innocent and media was actually hand in hand with that fraud maybe CCDM should make media to apologize for jumping to conclusions before even checking the “fake” facts. Pity journalism does not apply to most of the yellow media outlets only sensationalism.

  3. Thank you for translating… We believe in Yonghwa..its just sad that those haters wont bothet when clarification comes…I hope FNC can sue because this has cost damage to Yong’s hard earned reputation…He is a good guy who doesnt deserve this

    1. Hi Jjeennyy19- thanks for reading! To clarify though, we just reported the news and put together the article. The part that included English translation of CCDM’s post came from Twitter user @YoonjiS4. You will notice we included her as one of the sources at the bottom of the page. ^^ Thanks!

  4. I think it’s because Kim Hyun Joong case was even much more complex that were out of their control as well. There were multiple layers news that no one was able to justify which news was correct. And there were so many investigations by police that no one had access to any official announcement by the police.
    For Yong Hwa’s case, it seems clearer that it is a social issue rather than his personal issue and obviously seen that SBS was making a big fuss over something that police has not said anything about yet.

  5. SBS, Allkpop, Netizenbuz and all those who throw and post bad things about Yong Hwa, You only have 1 month to apologize! You should be ashamed! Using Yong Hwa’s name to be trending and changing the focus of the issue while the Kyung Hee University is the one to blame by not doing their job right. KHU should be the one to know better and implement their guidelines on accepting students.

  6. SBS. Humbly. apologise to Yonghwa his family and friends and colleagues and fans and Knetizen. Stop spreading FAKE NEWS . mind your business integrity . We love Korea because of Yonghwa. Yonghwa and CNBLUEs is promoting passionately.SouthKorea to the world with all hardwork talent humour kindness and goodness of heart that we see at this end of the earth.That is what you should be reporting. Same goes with other idols who work hard for Korean benefits.

  7. He is known to be smart and intelligent that’s why I was so curious to know if the issue circulating lately is true. I’m glad to hear that it was just a rumor.#YonghwaFighting!

  8. Its good to know that there is an existing body (CCDM) that used to evaluate and clarify things like this…because its really hard for us (fans) to accept why all this happens to idols where media uses their fame for them to trend in the news(even if it that makes the idol/artist becomes bad in the eyes of netizens)..
    And to our leadernim,Jung Yong Hwa, we are here to support and always believe in you…fighting until the end…

  9. Please clear this issue for Jung Yong Hwa sake..The media ruin his career.. It’s not his fault but still he humbly apologized to the public. All of his overseas concert got cancelled because of the media in Korea..I felt so sad what happened to our leader yonghwa.. Justice for Jung Yong Hwa please …

  10. Because of Sbs news Jung Yong Hwa decided to go to military..Are you happy now?? You guys wasted all of his efforts..You ruin his career..we will be here fighting back for our beloved Yong..#justiceforjungyonghwa

  11. It’s a good thing there’s ccdm which balances and give light to the issues. There’s abuse here from the media most especially sbs reporter who just wanted a media millage so they stir up public awareness & watch & follow their program. What difference does they have from khu? They all profiteering leeches who sucks blood from innocent people.

  12. SBS and all involved person should pay for this. There are using innocent people to gain attention to public, SBS reporter did a lot of violation during their broadcast. I hope this issue will clear soon as possible to avoid same issue in the future. Not only violation and also alot of damages for the agency for their incoming projects for YungHwa. A very big thanks to CCDM for the one who can analyze this kind of situation. Justice for Jung Yong Hwa. #jungyonghwa #cnblue #boice

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