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BTS Drops Full Set Of “Love Yourself” Concept Posters

BTS‘s comeback is almost here!

 The last member poster has just been revealed for BTS’s upcoming “Love Yourself” series! This time, Jin is featured in the image, looking handsome and holding a bouquet of flowers. Check it out, along with the other posters below.



Rap Monster:



ORIGINAL: On August 11th KST, the popular boy band from Big Hit Entertainment dropped the first teaser poster for their comeback. Member Jungkook is seen in hospital pajamas and sitting in a wheelchair. He is also holding a small bouquet of flowers, and the words “Love Yourself” are seen printed across the bottom.

After Rap Monster famously said “Love Yourself” at the BBMAs, fans begin speculating that it would be the theme for their next comeback. Later on, rumors broke in the Korean media that this was definitely the theme of their comeback and that BTS would be making their comeback in the fall— rumors which were ultimately denied by Big Hit Entertainment as they said that they were still in the very early stages of planning and no set theme had been decided on as yet. However, that seems to have been untrue as fans are uncovering multiple theories that point to planing this comeback (and concept) for quite some time.

After the poster was released, the company confirmed that it was in fact to kick things off for a comeback that will happen in September. Big Hit says this will be a new series for the group, not unlike their “school” trilogy and the “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life” series. It will cover the “Love Yourself” theme throughout the entire series. It will continue on throughout 2018 and is said to be a large-scale comeback with a lot of plans for entire series.

Shortly after the poster was released, BTS became a worldwide trend on Twitter in just under 30 minutes!

Check out the poster below! Who’s excited for BTS’s comeback?

Media: Big Hit Entertainment

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