Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

BTOB Drops Edgy Teaser For New Dance MV “I’ll Be Your Man”

Kpop boy band BTOB has dropped a new teaser for their upcoming MV “I’ll Be Your Man.”

Fans are excited for the comeback of the popular group, especially since the dance-heavy MV will be the first title track of its kind in almost two years! In addition to providing fans with a dance track and MV after such a long time, the concept also looks as though it will be something new for the group. The MV is also edgier than normal for the group, showing the members with battered faces and in dark, street-type settings with fire and exploding materials. This is sharply contrasted with scenes of the members in suits, looking sophisticated and mature as they move about a church and are surrounded by stained-glass windows.

BTOB’s mini-album New Men will be released on November 7th at midnight KST. Several of the members have been involved in writing the music and lyrics for the mini-album, making fans even more excited to hear their new tracks.

Check out the teaser below! Are you ready to see BTOB’s new music video?


Media: BTOB Official

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