Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

Block B’s Zico Confirmed For July Comeback

Zico is making his solo comeback very soon!

On June 29th, Block B released a teaser clip on their official Twitter account. The bright yellow image shows a red, retro-style TV. When you press play, the TV briefly lights up with static before going off, reading “ZICO” when turned off.

Since the release of the image, Seven Seasons Entertainment has confirmed that Zico will be releasing a new mini-album in July! A source from the company stated, “Currently, Zico is finalizing the production of the mini-album and making changes to his schedule to accommodate the comeback promotions.” 

Zico is a popular solo artist in the Kpop world and last released a song in April 2017, “She’s A Baby.”

What do you think of the teaser image? Check it out below!

Media: Seven Seasons Entertainment
*This article has been updated with additional information.

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