Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

BLACKPINK Announces Official Name For Fan Club

BLACKPINK fans finally have an official name for their fandom!

In a post on Instagram, it was announced that the fan club will be called “BLINK.” The cute name is obviously derived from a shortened combination of the words “black” and “pink.”

When it was first announced, the uploaded picture didn’t include an explanation, leaving people unsure if it was the fandom name or a comeback announcement. However, BLACKPINK member Jennie cleared things up when she wrote a note to fans and addressed them as BLINK, thanking them for the birthday wishes they had sent her on her special day.

“BLINK my favorite people on this planet? i cant thank you guys enough for all the gifts and letters?? i am so blessed to have you guys? i am more than thankful for all the love i received today . i love you my blinks✨,” she stated on her Instagram post.

Check out the posts below! What do you think of the BLACKPINK fandom name?


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