Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

BIGBANG’s T.O.P Receives Official Sentencing For Drug Charges

T.O.P‘s drug case is finally behind him in an official sense.

On July 20th KST, the BIGBANG star appeared at court for the sentencing for his recent drug charges. The prosecution recommended two years of probation and ten months of prison time if he violates the probation terms. As expected, the court agreed with their recommendation and officially sentenced T.O.P to the full two years of probation, as well as a minimal fine, after he plead guilty to all charges against him.

T.O.P stopped and talked to the press outside, once more expressing his regret, apologizing to the public, and assuring people that nothing like this would ever happen again.

Now that T.O.P has received his sentencing, he will be re-evaluated for his military service. An earlier statement from the police after T.O.P’s drug charges initially came to light said, “You cannot be accepted back into a division you have been expelled from unless there are outstanding circumstances. His enlistment as an army policeman is now over.” However, since he received probation only and not a jail term, they could decide to accept him back in as a police officer. It is more likely that he will not be accepted and will have to continue as a public service worker instead.

UPDATE: The day after T.O.P’s sentencing, the police announced that he had been found unfit for duty as a police officer. Official reassignment will be given later, so stay tuned for details.

What do you think of the outcome of T.O.P’s sentencing?

Media: MyDaily
Source: Naver 1, Naver 2

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