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B.A.P Drops New Teasers For Youngjae And Zelo

UPDATED: B.A.P has released two more teaser images for Youngjae and Zelo. Check it out!

UPDATED: More teasers have been revealed for B.A.P‘s comeback! This time, Himchan and Daehyun are the latest to shine. Check it out!

UPDATED: B.A.P has released two new teaser images! Bang Yongguk and Jongup look amazing in the second version of their EGO teasers. Check it out!



UPDATED: B.A.P has dropped new teasers for their comeback with EGO. Check it out now!

UPDATED: B.A.P has released a new teaser image for their comeback, as well as details about the upcoming album. EGO marks the group’s ninth single album. It will be released on December 12th and will include the title track “Hands Up.”

Check out the new teaser below! Who’s excited to finally get the release date announced? Are you looking forward to B.A.P’s comeback?

UPDATED: B.A.P has released teaser images for members Youngjae and Zelo! Check out the new EGO teaser below!

UPDATED: B.A.P has released more teasers for their comeback! This time, members Himchan and Daehyun are the latest to shine! Check out the images below!

ORIGINAL: B.A.P‘s comeback countdown has finally begun!

On November 27th, TS Entertainment revealed two teaser images on their official Twitter account. The pictures feature leader Bang Yongguk and dancer Moon Jongup. The artists look handsome in the sexy pictures, giving off a cool, bad boy vibe.

The group is set to make their comeback with their eight single album, EGO. No official released date has yet been announced.

Check out the teaser below, and stay tuned for additional images coming soon!

What do you think of B.A.P’s newest concept?

Media: TS Entertainment

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