Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

ASTRO Wins First Music Show Award Since Debut

ASTRO has finally won a music show award!

On January 29th, the popular group finally accomplished a big goal by taking home their first award from a music show. The group was nominated for their recent release, entitled “All Night,” on the SBS MTV music program “The Show.” When the points were tallied up and the winner revealed, both ASTRO and their fans (known as AROHA) were overwhelmed with emotion!

Within just minutes of their win being announced, ASTRO starting trending as one of the top Twitter trends worldwide with the hashtag #ASTRO1stWin.

“All Night” is the title track off ASTRO’s new album, entitled All Light. This marks ASTRO’s first full album to be released.

ASTRO made their debut in February 2016 and have enjoyed popularity both in Korea and overseas. As they are celebrating almost 1,100 days since their debut, this makes their first win even more special.

Congratulations to both ASTRO and AROHA!

Check out the group’s newest MV below!

Media: Fantagio, The Show