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WATCH: ASTRO Drops Highlight Medley For “Dream Part. 02”

UPDATED: ASTRO has released a highlight medley for their upcoming mini-album! Watch it below! What do you think?

UPDATED: The track list for ASTRO‘s comeback mini-album has been released! Dream Part. 02 will include a total of five tracks. Check it out below.

UPDATED: New teaser pictures have been released for ASTRO‘s comeback! The set of images show the guys looking gorgeous and ready for autumn in deep, rich colors as they pose outside against the fall scenery.

Check it out below! Which image is your favorite?

UPDATED: ASTRO has released their first set of teaser images for their comeback with Dream Part .02. The group released both individual teaser images for each member, as well as one group shot. Each of the members look handsome and ready for fall in outfits that are perfect for autumn.

Check out the photos below! Are you excited for ASTRO’s comeback?

ORIGINAL: Looks like the six-member group ASTRO is ready for their comeback! As such, they have sent fans some teasers to prepare!

On October 16th KST, Fantagio Entertainment dropped a comeback schedule for their upcoming fifth mini-album, Dream Part .02! ASTRO originally released their album Dream Part .01 along with the music video for “Baby” back in May of this year. Starting off with teaser images, fans will soon be greeted with an album teaser and track-list, then a video highlight medley. The music video teaser will be dropped on October 30th.

Prior to the comeback schedule image being released, two comeback teaser images were dropped. They showed six desks lined up, along with color-coded books (such as the color-coded soda bottles from “Baby”) that represent each member, yet in vastly different settings. Fans have taken to comment sections, discussing if the “indoor” vs. “outdoor” images are a hint to the album taking on a similar theme as Dream Part .01 did with its “Day” and “Night” versions.

The album and music video are set to be released on November 1st, directly following a V-LIVE showcase! Stay tuned for future information, as well as the scheduled teasers!

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