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WATCH: APRIL Drops Gorgeous MV Teaser For “The Blue Bird”

UPDATED: APRIL has released the MV teaser for their comeback with “The Blue Bird.” The short video gives fans a preview of both the song and some of the dancing that will be featured by the members. The beautiful video is full of vivid colors and takes place in a stunning building to add an interesting backdrop for the MV. Watch it below!

UPDATED: APRIL has released a special behind-the-scenes video of the making of their upcoming MV for “The Blue Bird.” Watch it below!

UPDATED: APRIL has released a new teaser video for their comeback with “The Blue.” The ASMR-style video is a lyrics spoiler that features the members softly reading some of the lyrics from their upcoming release. Listen below! What do you think?

UPDATED: APRIL has released another set of teaser images! This time, the members show off a slightly different concept from the previous photos. They are dressed in all-white outfits which stand out starkly against a bright blue background. What do you think?

UPDATED: The gorgeous members of APRIL have released their first set of individual teaser images. They look beautiful in the close-up shots, all dressed in soft, beige tones and wearing natural-looking makeup. Don’t they look lovely? Check out the photos below!

UPDATED: APRIL has now released the track list for their comeback album! The new album will include a total of five songs, including the title track ” The Blue Bird.”

ORIGINAL: APRIL is ready for their comeback!

On February 27th KST, the lovely girl group released the comeback schedule for their newest album, The Blue. One day prior, they dropped the first teaser image for the comeback, showing off a feminine pictures in deep, sapphire blue tones and beige flowers.

The new album marks their fifth mini-album to be released so far. It will drop on March 12th.

Check out the images below! Who’s excited?

Media: DSP Media

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