Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

AOA’s Yuna Cast In Upcoming Drama “Single Wife”

AOA‘s Yuna has been cast in a new drama!

On May 24th, it was announced the the lovely singer and actress would be in the upcoming drama “Single Wife.” The series focuses on a young woman who was previously married and is now set to marry a rich chaebol. However, it comes to her attention that her divorce was never finalized. Instead of telling her fiancee (who was kept in the dark about her previous marriage), she decides to go ahead with her wedding— resulting in having two “husbands.”

The funny twist? Her first husband was involved in a car accident that resulted in amnesia, making him totally unaware that they are no longer a couple. Cue hilarity!

The drama stars Uhm Hyun Kyung (“Defendant) and Sung Hyuk (“Jang Bori Is Here”), and Kwak Hee Sung (“Hyde, Jekyll, Me”). Yuna will be playing the younger sister of the chaebol boyfriend.

“Single Wife” begins filming this month and will air in August on Drama Max. Who’s excited?

Media: FNC Entertainment

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