Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

AOA Releases Sexy MV Teaser For “Bing Bing”

AOA has released the teaser for their upcoming music video “Bing Bing.”

The lovely ladies looks sexy in tiny shorts and black, satin blazers. They are seen dancing with purple umbrellas on a smokey set. The track sounds upbeat and with a slight jazz influence, perhaps to continue the MV’s theme that seems reminiscent of the classic movie “Singing in the Rain.”

The popular idol group is currently preparing for their comeback and will release two music videos. The teaser for the first title track “Excuse Me” has already been released. The teaser for the second title track “Bing Bing” was released today.

This will be AOA’s first full studio album. The album, entitled Angel’s Knock, will be released on January 2nd at midnight KST.

Check out the teaser below! What do you think?

Media: FNC Entertainment

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