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Debuting under YMC Entertainment in 2012, Ailee immediately grabbed the public’s attention with her bright personality, confident charm, and powerhouse vocals. Since then, she has been stunning audiences and fellow idols alike with her strong performances and exhilarating voice.

Earlier this year, the idol singer decided against renewing her contract with her company and went on to establish her own one-man agency to handle her activities.

On July 2nd at 6 p.m. KST, Ailee revealed her latest studio album and the accompanying music video for its title track, “Room Shaker.” Apart from OSTs and collaborations, this is her first comeback in nearly three years since releasing her mini-album A New Empire and its title track “Home” in October 2016.

Due to some curious complications, she was unable to properly promote her latest projects in official music show stages. Ailee instead turned to variety shows, social media, and other creative means to reach out with her music.

With setbacks plaguing her initial venture into the new chapter of her career, let’s take a look back at Ailee’s past performances and releases as a reminder of what she is capable of as an artist!

1. “Heaven” (2012)

One of her most iconic songs to date, this track is still loved and covered by fellow idols today! Upon its release, it seemed everyone was singing along to “Heaven.”

2. “I Will Show You” (2012)

Although Ailee showed off her great vocals before this release, with “I Will Show You,” people became truly obsessed with her powerful voice and impressive range. Another song that her fellow idols just couldn’t get enough of, this song was being sung by everyone from SHINee’s Jonghyun to 15&’s Park Jimin.

3. “Stand Up For Love” (Beautiful Concert, 2012)

Ailee showed that her voice could hold its own against icons of today! Singing “Stand Up For Love” by Destiny’s Child, Ailee displayed excellent voice control and a deep soul that brought forth the emotion of the track.

4. “U&I” (2013)

Another fabulous song by the queen herself! With a strong melody, great range, and powerful performance, what’s not to love about this classic Ailee song?

5. “Singing Got Better” (2014)

Ailee took on a new concept in this rock ballad inspired track with a music video that featured fellow idol Lee Joon of MBLAQ. With a unique sound and strong accompanying instruments, fans of Ailee know to appreciate this underrated gem.

6. “Don’t Touch Me” (2014)

With another iconic track, Ailee showed she wasn’t just a vocalist in K-pop! In fact, she was a true idol with sexy, smooth dance skills as well. This catchy song and choreography easily gets stuck in your mind after just one listen.

7. “I Will Always Love You” (Immortal Song, 2014)

We’ve heard a million people cover Whitney Houston’s famous track “I Will Always Love You,” but none came as close to perfection as Ailee’s rendition. Starting off with a soft restraint, Ailee builds up into the chorus where she shows off her clear voice and great technique.

8. “Mind Your Own Business” ( 2015)

Ailee showed off her sexy side with this strong, sensual beat mixed with jazz-inspired horns and bass. The combinations added a sense of maturity to both the song and video where she is bent on revenge!

9. “Home” (Featuring Yoon Mirae, 2016)

You can’t get better than this track featuring Yoon Mirae! When combining one legend with another, you’re left with an amazing song that shows off Ailee’s versatility as an artist. In this R&B track, Ailee’s new maturity as an artist was fully displayed while still being perfectly balanced by Yoon Mirae’s rap.

10. “I Will Go To You Like The First Snow” (Yu Huiyeol Sketchbook, 2017)

A mega smash that was sung as part of the soundtrack for the hit drama “Goblin,” Ailee proved why her vocals make her a lasting artist in Korea. Handling beautiful ballads just as well as powerful dance tracks, Ailee is a vocalist we will never get tired of hearing!

There is no doubt that Ailee is one of the most iconic vocalists in K-pop history! From ballads to R&B, dance tracks to soundtrack, we’ll never get tired of seeing Ailee onstage as a phenomenal vocalist and impressive performer.

In the meantime, you can watch Ailee’s latest title track here and listen to her full album here!

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