Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

Actor Sung Joon Enlists In The Military

Actor Sung Joon has enlisted in the military!

On December 18th KST, it was revealed the actor had begun his military service. Wanting to enter without fanfare, he decided to not announce the news beforehand so he could enlist quietly.

According to his label, he is at the training center for the second infantry division in Gangwon Province for five weeks of basic training. After graduating, he will serve as an active duty soldier.

Sung Joon is a popular actor who first got his start in modeling. After first gaining attention for his role in the drama “White Christmas,” which featured a cast almost entirely made up of models, he went on to take leading roles in popular dramas like “Madame Antoine” and “Perfect Wife,” as well as in films like the critically acclaimed movie “The Villainess.”

We wish Sung Joon the best of luck as he fulfills his military duty!

Media: 10Asia