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7 Super Junior Songs Showcasing Different Shades Of Love

Love is a timeless subject for nearly every form of known media but many of the most famous renditions have come in the form of music. The range of emotions from the first little stirrings to the giddy thrall of the full-blown experience to the happy ending or ashes of what was once a fairytale had always been a fountain of inspiration to artists and in turn, sways the audience with its magic.

If you feel you are in the mood for upbeat songs about romantic thrills or ponder about the bleak winter of love lost, why not check out these ten Super Junior tracks that might just hit the spot?

1. Super Junior’s Kyuhyun – “Hope Is A Dream That Never Sleeps”

Released as part of the official soundtrack from 2010’s hit drama “King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo” (also known as “Baker King” and “Bread, Love and Dreams”), “Hope Is A Dream That Never Sleeps” has a melody that is both soothing and passionate. Its lyrics express reverence towards someone so dearly beloved, describing this special person as their source of solace when everything seems difficult and bleak.

2. Super Junior’s Kyuhyun – “Listen… To You”

“Listen… To You” is an OST sung by Kyuhyun for “Pasta,” another 2010 hit drama series about chasing dreams in the culinary world. Its mellow sound encapsulates the tender emotions of someone so helplessly in love and references the show’s theme by singing about cooking with love while thinking of the person that inspires them. Soft, sweet, and easy to follow, this song complements the experience of young infatuation and a budding romance.

3. Super Junior’s Ryeowook – “The Little Prince”

Ryeowook‘s 2016 solo debut track was named after Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s 1943 novella about fanciful conversations between a pilot stranded in the desert and a young cosmic traveler referred to as “the little prince.” In the same way, Ryeowook sings about his own thoughtful exchange with The Little Prince about the musings and heartaches that comes with love.

4. Super Junior’s Yesung Featuring Chung Ha – “Whatcha Doin'”

This single is a 2018 collaboration between Super Junior’s Yesung and soloist Chung Ha. Upbeat and sweet, “Watcha Doin'” sings about the complicated dance between two infatuated people who both struggle to reach out to each other through the phone. Yesung helped write and compose the track that accompanies the adorable awkwardness of their romantic pursuit in the music video.

5. Super Junior’s D&E – “Still You”

Released in 2013 as Super Junior D&E‘s second digital single, “Still You” has a deceptively laidback melody yet its lyrics describe a melancholic encounter with an ex-lover whom they still harbor feelings for. If you’re in the mood for something more blue but easy to listen to, this song just might be the perfect addition to your playlist!

6. Super Junior – “This Is Love” And “Evanesce”

“This Is Love” and “Evanesce” are songs featured in Super Junior’s seventh full album, MAMACITA. The former details the exhilarating feeling of happiness as one discovers what it is like to be in love while the latter explores the ashes of a relationship that had run its course. Their music videos are shot in the same set but represent two very different stages of the love story. Depending on what you’re up for, you can choose to listen to either song or let both take you on a rich yet bittersweet journey.

7. Super Junior – “One More Chance”

Released as a single from Super Junior’s eighth full album in 2017, “One More Chance” is an emotional pop-rock ballad co-written by members Donghae and Eunhyuk. The track expresses the anguish of someone watching their love slip away and the hope of being given another chance. Its music video captures the stark loneliness that comes after the loss as well as their newfound determination to chase after a new beginning with the same person.

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