Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

Korean dramas have become famous around the world, but Korean movies are just as worthy to be admired!

With quarantines imposed everywhere, people are getting creative with how they spend their quality time. If you are one of those who loves to propose awesome movie marathons, we suggest trying out these Korean movies that just might leave you sleepless for the next couple of nights!

1. The Wailing (2016)

A popular name in Asian horror movie recommendations, “The Wailing” is definitely a good watch! It follows the events in a small Korean village where a mysterious, violent illness grips some of the inhabitants. A police officer investigates and is led to a solitary Japanese man living in the mountains. The slowly building tension throughout the film, fueled by occult happenings and a distrust of what they consider an unwanted outsider, underlines the sickening feeling of wanting to uncover the truth— yet fearing what might be lurking just beyond the shadows.


2. Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum (2018)

Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum” is set in the infamous psychiatric asylum in Gyeonggi province which was reportedly abandoned after a series of mysterious deaths. The place is a top choice for thrill seekers to go for kicks in real life. In the movie, a few individuals meet up and set out for an adventure of their own, planning to stream the whole thing online. The eerie atmosphere and the “found footage” shots lend a terrifying feel to the movie as a whole. Watch out for the possession scene! It just might follow you right into your dreams. And yes, I’m speaking from personal experience.

3. Don’t Click (2012)

If you like movies like the iconic Japanese movie “The Ring”, then “Don’t Click” just might fit your bill. A cursed video containing various clips of the occult and the uglier side of humanity falls into the hands of the protagonists and starts a horrifying haunting that leads them into a desperate chase to survive. Part of the evil video has sexual assault, so make sure to proceed with caution!

4. Whispering Corridors (film series)

The “Whispering Corridors” series started in 1998 with a movie of the same name before proceeding to spawn four more films which were all set in all-female high schools. “Memento Mori” was released in 1999, “The Wishing Stairs” in 2003, “Voice” in 2005, and finally “A Blood Pledge” in 2009. Each of the titles touches on controversial topics such as relationships and abusive practices that lend a certain weight to the events of the movie.

5. The Mimic (2017)

In “The Mimic,” a family moves into a new area to look after their ailing family member. The grieving mother soon finds and takes in a lost child that she finds wandering in the surrounding forest. However, it seems like there is more to the young girl than what they understand. Starring a trickster from folklore that has the ability to replicate voices in a ploy to lure in victims, this film might make you second guess who you respond to after you’re through watching!

6. The Five (2013)

Falling under the thriller genre, “The Five” follows a plot that springs from a disfigured woman’s desire for revenge. She begs for help from four individuals in desperate need of organs, promising hers as the final payment for the scheme she wants them to commit. Things go haywire and the chase suddenly becomes more complicated than they planned.


7. The Piper (2015)

My personal pick among the movies in this list, “The Piper” is a spin on the classic tale of the “Pied Piper of Hamelin.” It follows a crippled widower and his young son as they travel to Seoul in the hopes of finding a cure for the child’s sickness. They find a village terrorized by predatory rats. The father convinces the suspicious people to allow him and his son to get rid of the rodents in exchange for money for their journey. After upholding the end of their bargain, however, the two are betrayed.

The series of events that follow soon after pushes the father to exact revenge on the people of the village. “The Piper” shows the audience that sometimes, it’s the humans you have to look out for.

Although there are only seven items included on this list, there are so many good films out there! Which interesting movies would you recommend? Let us know your thoughts by tweeting to us @whatthekpop1 or leaving us a comment on Facebook and Instagram!

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