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Since his big break in the industry as the iconic Gu Jun Pyo in “Boys Over Flowers” in 2009, actor Lee Minho has been sweeping awards and charming audiences from all over the globe. He’s got the visuals, he’s got the humor, and he’s definitely got the acting skills to get you hooked on the story. What’s not to like? If you have some time to kill and you’re up for a movie or drama marathon, maybe it’s time to check out some of these works by Lee Minho!

Public Enemy Returns (2008)

“Public Enemy Returns” is a crime-thriller film starring seasoned actors Sol Kyunggu and Jung Jaeyoung. It tells the story of a weathered police detective who seeks to leave his unfulfilling life behind but is forced to do one last dangerous investigation into the suspicious dealings of a wealthy businessman. Lee Minho plays the supporting role of Jung Hayeon, a gifted computer hacker.

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Gangnam Blues (2015)

“Gangnam Blues” is an action noir film set in 1970s Seoul and stars Lee Minho as Jongdae, a young man thrust into the dark underbelly of violence. Jongdae and his childhood friend, Yongki (played by Kim Raewon), navigate vicious political skirmishes before eventually finding themselves in the middle of a high-risk power struggle over land and money that comes with the government’s plans of developing Gangnam.

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Bounty Hunters (2016)

“Bounty Hunters” is an action-comedy movie that follows the adventures of a ragtag band of bounty hunters chasing a target across Asia. Lee Minho plays Lee San, a down-on-his-luck martial artist who gets falsely accused after being in the wrong place and at the wrong time during a commission with his friend. To clear their name, they join forces with a line-up of unlikely people in pursuit of a bomb-toting criminal.

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City Hunter (2011)

“City Hunter” is a South Korean television drama series based on Tsukasa Hojo’s manga of the same name. It depicts Lee Minho as Lee Yoonsung, code-named “City Hunter,” a revenge-driven elite agent disguised as an IT expert in the Blue House. He meets presidential bodyguard Kim Hana (Park Minyoung), discovers common grounds with her, and eventually falls in love. Throughout the show, friction between Yoonsung and his adopted father shows the stark difference between seeking justice and being hellbent on revenge.

Pachinko (2022)

“Pachinko” is an American television drama series and an Apple TV+ original based on Lee Minjin’s 2017 historical fiction novel of the same title. The story is set in the 20th century and shares the story of a Korean family that found a new home in Japan where they defiantly fight for survival despite the rampant racism towards Koreans and the cruel twists of life. Lee Minho takes over the role of businessman Koh Hansu, an ethnic Korean man who set roots in Japan. The show started airing on March 2022 and has been already been renewed for a second season!

Media: Apple TV+

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