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3 Korean Shows That Will Make You Terrified Of Tunnels

As a child, passing through any tunnel meant excitement for me— a short moment of utter darkness. I would even close my eyes and enjoy the cool breeze as we passed through. However, since I watched these shows (both TV programs and movies), my excitement turned into cold sweat and shivers down my spine.

What inspired such a drastic change of emotion? These intense shows that show just how frightening tunnels can be! Want to know more? Check out these three Korean shows that will make passing through a tunnel an unforgettable experience!

1- Tunnel (2017)

Thanks to different Kdramas, we think of time travel whenever we see incense sticks, rooftops, amulets, boulders, cliffs, stairs, storms, trains, pools, and even walkie-talkies. All that we needed to complete the list was a tunnel! In this drama, traveling in one direction sends you to the future and traveling in the opposite brings you back to the past. The lamp in the middle of the tunnel is central to the process, but don’t forget— you can only travel through this tunnel if you’re chasing a serial killer. Dark tunnels, fights, time travel, and murder? Thank goodness our hero in this drama is the only one that has to face these events!

Though this drama has many comedic moments to balance out the dark ones, it’s still enough to make you look with suspicion at any tunnel you pass.

2- Tunnel 3D (2014)

Have you heard of Tsukumogami? It’s spirits that are trapped in objects and are only released when triggered. What if a traumatic experience traps someone’s memories in a place— such as a tunnel— and entering that tunnel could trigger the memories back to life. In this movie, the bitter memories drive their owner to drastic measures, and the tunnel becomes painted with blood.

Through every tunnel you pass, thousands of people have already gone before you, including their own experiences and emotions. Who knows what got stuck there and what was trapped there. Think about it carefully next time you pass through a tunnel— hopefully not alone!

3- Tunnel (2016)

Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno. One for all and all for one— the iconic motto of The Three Musketeers. “All for one” is very ideal and touching until a large tunnel collapses and a man is trapped under tons of concrete and debris. Saving one man requires the efforts and sacrifices of hundreds of people and more importantly for some, a huge amount of money. Therefore, the “all for one”sentiment turns out to be too utopian for the people in control. Thirty-five days with no water or food in the freezing weather under tons of brick does not sound like my type of challenge— which might explain why, when I pass through tunnels now, I can’t help but imagine it collapsing on top of my head.

The lesson learned from this movie? Make sure to keep a lot of food and water in your bag, along with a power bank as well! After all, you never know what lies ahead on your road of life.

What is your favorite tunnel-themed movie or drama?

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