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2020 Hair Trends Among K-pop Idols


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In this new K-beauty series, we’ll be talking about some of the best hair trends in K-pop! First up, we will explore one of our favorite trends: ash-toned hair colors!

Whether they’re going blonde or blue, many K-pop idols are aiming for ashy colors and undertones these days. These cooler shades complement the undertones found in many idols’ complexions. An ash tone can also cancel out red undertones that many people naturally have in their own dark hair, helping their new hair color to look even more vibrant.

Below, you can see a list of five female idols we think have the best ash-toned hair color! Whether they sported the tone this year or sometime before, these are our five favorite looks when it comes to idols rocking an ashy tone! After seeing their cool looks, you will immediately wish to have ash-colored hair too!

#1 Yeri (Red Velvet)

When it comes to Yeri, this muted, soft pastel was beautiful! A soft ash undertone was perfect for her complexion and brought out her feminine beauty even more.


#2 Dahyun (TWICE)

Dahyun is no stranger when it comes to trying out new hair colors, but this true ash tone really suited her porcelain complexion and cool undertones. In the pictures below, her choice of makeup also brings out warmth, picking up the lowlights in her hair as well.

Cr. JYP Entertainment

#3 Hani (EXID)

Hani looks beautiful no matter what she does, but the world went extra crazy when she sported this ashy purple color. While a deeper color could have been harsh on some, the ash-colored wash to this tone was absolutely perfect for the lovely Hani!

Cr. Banana Culture

#4 Sana (TWICE)

Sana is always enchanting, but this soft, ash pink is reminiscent of cherry blossoms and was the perfect complement to her feminine features and style. Although some brighter pieces of hair came shining through, the ashy undertone kept things soft and sweet.

Cr. JYP Entertainment


Rosé is no stranger to trying new hair colors either, and she pulls each one off with ease! This very cool-toned lavender is a great look for this idol, however, especially with the true ash root and undertones peaking through. The look was truly iconic, something that Rosé manages quite often!

Cr. YG Entertainment

Even though most of the looks above are pastel, you can also rock an ash blonde or more! There is no end of colors when it comes to a true ash look or even ash undertones. For many people, this can be the perfect color for your skin tone and one to instantly brighten up a tired hairstyle and improve your mood as well!

Which of these looks do you like best? Do any of them inspire you to get your own ash-toned look this year? Let us know your thoughts by tweeting to us @whatthekpop1!

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