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As we all know, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, sometimes people can just be a little harsh when it comes to judging appearances. Other times, there are different standards of beauty in each culture, leading to disagreements about who is hot or not.

That point has never been clearer than when many Korean fans find certain idols to be “ugly,” whereas many international fans find them extremely gorgeous. Even if we can’t explain it, they just have an indescribable charming point that makes them irresistibly sexy, even if they’re not what the average Korean netizen would term classically handsome.

Without further ado, we present to you ten idols that many netizens find “ugly,” but that in all actuality are incredibly hot!

10. Daesung (BIGBANG)

I’m not sure when it become popular opinion that Daesung is unattractive, but I couldn’t agree less. While he may not have the manly beauty of fellow member T.O.P or even the flower boy face of G-Dragon, there is no doubt that Daesung has his own captivating charm. From his gorgeous eye smile to his smoking hot abs, this is definitely one sexy Kpop idol!

9. Dongwoo (INFINITE)

While I can’t claim to be a big INFINITE fan myself, you will never convince me that Dongwoo is ugly. He may not be a conventional beauty, but there is something very appealing about him. When he smiles and laughs, he’s a precious angel. When he gets up on stage however, he’s a sexy beast. Look at that smile! Look at those lips! Dongwoo definitely has his own brand of charm.

8. Eunkwang  (BTOB)

Eunkwang doesn’t necessarily strike you as handsome at first. Over time though, you’ll realize that this singer has just been relegated to the role of “ugly” comedian in his group, much like Shindong in Super Junior. They’re so busy making awful faces and sacrificing their looks to be funny, that you don’t realize they’ve actually got a lot of attractive qualities! When he’s just being himself, you realize Eunkwang has a beautiful smile and loads of charming points.

7. Yoseob (BEAST)

Let’s be honest for a moment. Yoseob looks like a little troll doll. However, I mean that in the best way possible because I find troll dolls to be so super cute and adorable! And what makes Yoseob so unexpectedly charming is that his adorable baby face is combined with one of the hottest pair of chocolate abs in Kpop. Mix in his velvety smooth vocals and funny personality, and you’ve got buckets of charm that you won’t even begin to know how to handle.

6.  Bobby (iKON)

Can we all just take a moment of silence to honor the poor crazy fools who think Bobby is ugly? *crickets* Anyone with two working eyeballs (or even one!) can clearly see that Bobby is super charismatic! You may not like his music, you may not like his attitude, but you can certainly agree that this up-and-coming artist is one big bundle of sexiness. And when he’s not being fierce, he’s showing off one of the most adorable eye smiles in Kpop.

5. Niel  (Teen Top)

Niel has always put me in mind of the famous artist Mick Jagger. Maybe it’s just the sexy lips and the ability to rock some skin-tight pants while they’re dancing, but there is something very similar about the two. While Niel may not have the exact Korean standard of good looks, there is still something incredibly seductive about the way he moves, sings, and stares deep into your soul with those gorgeous eyes.

4. Onew (SHINee)

When I saw SHINee for the very first time, I was transfixed by Onew. I still remember my exact words, “Oh my gosh, who is that incredibly beautiful boy?” After I had been a fan for a while, someone saw him and rudely asked, “What? Do you like your guys to look exactly like girls?” Well, hater, if by “like girls,” you mean a giant dollop of sunshine with a cherry on top, then yes. Yes, I do.

3. Rap Monster (BTS)

If you look up “charisma” in the dictionary, you’ll see a picture of Rap Monster. Flip over to “adorable,” and you’ll see him there too. Rap Monster amazes me with his ability to be one of the sexiest, hottest rappers out there, and then two seconds later, he’s flashing those gorgeous dimples, stunning smile, and adorable aegyo. He’s definitely irresistible, and anyone who says differently needs to be evaluated by a hospital immediately because something is definitely wrong!

2. Zico (Block B)

I think no one in the Kpop community can disagree that Zico deserves to be on this list. Even K-netz who say he’s “ugly,”  still admit that there is something undeniably charismatic about this Block B singer. He’s fierce, amazing, talented, and just so incredibly sexy. It doesn’t matter if he’s rocking crazy hairstyles, outrageous clothes, or just being his naturally adorable self, there is no getting around the fact that Zico is one of the most magnetic artists in Kpop.

1. Eunhyuk (Super Junior)

To me, Eunhyuk is one of the most attractive, beautiful, gorgeous, sexy, irresistible humans on the entire planet! When I see him constantly being ranked as one of the ugliest members in Super Junior (and even one of the ugliest people in all of Kpop), I am truly AMAZED. After I came face to face with this gorgeous man in real life, I was truly left speechless and could do nothing but blink in awe and constantly repeat the word “flawless.”

So, that’s it for our list of 10 gorgeous idols who are mistakenly called “ugly.” Let this be a great reminder to you that it doesn’t matter what people say to you (and no one should call someone else ugly!), most of the time these comments are due to simple jealousy and meanness. I hope you all continue to be yourself, and rock the fabulous person you are— just like these ten beautiful, confident idols do!

To end things, just remember these words of wisdom from T.O.P himself:

What did you think of our list? Who else would you add? Let us know in the comment section below!

lee1086 is the co-founder and director of What The Kpop. When not writing or editing articles, she is watching Kpop music videos or Kdramas. She is a huge fan of Super Junior and the perfection known as Eunsihae. When not obsessing over the flawlessness of Donghae or trying to decide if her SHINee bias is Taemin or Key, she is playing the piano, loving on her dog, and hanging out with her family and friends

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10 thoughts on “10 “Ugly” Kpop Guys That Are Actually Super Hot”

  2. I dont think that ONEW is Ugly -_- because he’s my bias at SHINee but i respect your decision. -_-

    1. Well, it’s not my decision! lol It’s the netizens (especially certain ones in Korea) who say he is ugly, along with the others on this list. I definitely don’t think he’s ugly. As a matter of fact, I think he is gorgeous!!!! Which, after all, is the reason we made this article: to show how different beauty standards are between Korean fans and international fans, and also just show that no one is truly ugly, because everyone always has charming and lovely points. <3

  3. i honestly don’t find any of these boys to be ugly. the “beauty standard” is so damn stupid nowadays, for no damn reason. i mean, how can anyone find Onew ugly?????? ESPECIALLY DAESUNGIE im so upset

  4. Eunhyuk is suuuuper hot man!!!
    D ones who call him ugly r CRAZY ?
    BTW rapmon….. SERIOUSLY????!!!!!
    HES H. O. T. ….SMOKING HOOOT!!!!

  5. None of them should be called “Ugly”! They’re all handsome. I love Dongwoo’s smile and laugh he’s super talented too (like the others) his smile just makes me smile when I’m not smiling. Even he’s not!

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