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10 Times Kpop Stars Rocked Their Halloween Costumes

Every year, we look forward to SMTOWN‘s annual Halloween bash. The fun night gives us some of the greatest pictures around of Kpop idols in costume. However, SM artists aren’t the only ones that love to have fun on Halloween! From younger groups like GOT7 to legendary groups such as Epik High, check out these ten times that Kpop stars totally rocked their outfits for Halloween!

1. Key and Luna

The SHINee and f(x) stars totally committed to their outfits, going the full mile with hair, makeup and costumes. Key dressed up as the iconic character Edward Scissorhands, while Luna dressed up as a character from the movie “Avatar.” Don’t they look amazing?

Image result for shinee key edward scissorhands

2. GOT7

We loved seeing the entire group of GOT7 members dressed up as the Avengers! From Captain America to Iron Man, these costumes were totally on point! Who was your favorite GOT7 Avenger?

Image result

3. Sooyoung

The gorgeous SNSD star went all out for Halloween when she dressed up as Sadness from the movie “Inside Out.” From her hair to her makeup, each detail was perfect! It’s also said she stayed in character the entire night and never once broke form. That’s commitment!


4. Epik High

Villains united when Epik High donned full gear to become some of the most famous bad guys from Batman movies. In our opinion, this is one of the most amazing group costumes in Kpop history! What do you think of Tablo as the Joker?

Image result

5. BTS

Although this year BTS slayed as Snow White and the Seven Six Dwarfs, one of our favorites is still their awesome, Halloween-themed dance practice for “War of Hormone.” From Captain Jack Sparrow to Charlie Chaplin, these Bangtan Boys always know how to totally rock their Halloween costumes.


6. Yoona and Yuri

More SNSD members are on our list, looking sexy and gorgeous as a vamped up version of Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Gone are the innocent cartoon mice from our childhood, these SM artists made the cutest couple around when they donned these outfits.

Yoonyul Halloween

7. SHINee

SHINee is well-known for their love of dressing up on Halloween! Here, we have four of the members on their way to SM’s famous Halloween party. Not only did they wear these costumes to the party, they also went to their fan meeting like this as well. Freddy Krueger, Marilyn Manson, Picolo, and Naruto never looked so good (although Key’s 2017 costume as Marge Simpson was also really epic as well!).

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8. Chanyeol

All EXO fans know Chanyeol is a huge fan of both Halloween and super heroes, so it should come as no surprise that this year, the star donned a movie-worthy reproduction of Iron Man’s suit. Due to the high quality of the costume, it’s rumored to have cost at least $11,000 USD. The impressive costume went so viral that “Iron Man” even started trending in Korea as a result.


Whether they dressed up as a pirate, a vampire or Harry Potter, there is no doubt that the members of SEVENTEEN looked totally adorable in their Halloween costumes! The popular boy band donned these costumes for a special event with fans. In your opinion, which of the members looked the best?

K-Pop Stars Show off Their Halloween Costumes

10. Super Junior

Super Junior has no shame— it’s one of the main reason that fans love and appreciate them! The boys are always fully committed to making fans smile, whether it’s through donning elaborate costumes at concerts or strutting their stuff in cosplay at the airport. In this particular instance, the group dressed up as various characters from anime and action movies: Wolverine, Spiderman, Loki and Thor. Super Junior definitely went all out with these costumes!

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Image result for super junior costumes

Which of these Kpop stars looked the best in their costumes? Are you excited to see the costumes they will come up with this year? Let us know in the comment section below!

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