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10 Super Junior Songs For When You’re Feeling Sentimental

Super Junior is widely known for their catchy dance tracks. Their biggest hit, “Sorry Sorry,” has been played at almost every appearance they have ever made since it is still so well-known all these years later. In fact, this track and many of their other fast tunes fit well with the group’s chaotic and loud image. As such, the songs are— understandably— easier to associate with Super Junior.

However, contrary to most non-fans’ belief, their discography goes far beyond their upbeat title tracks. Super Junior has such a diverse set of songs, but unfortunately, a lot of them are not as widely known or appreciated. To rectify that, let us introduce you to their slower songs— ones you can listen to whenever you need a more emotionally-charged playlist to match your sentimental mood!

1. “So I” (Twins, 2005)

“So I” is a sweet song about the early stages of being in love: falling in love at first sight, dreaming of sharing a kiss with the person you like, smiling through the day at the thought of that person, and wishing to hold them in your arms. What could be more adorable than that?

Disclaimer: The happy part of this list ends here and we won’t take responsibility for any emotional breakdowns beyond this point. Thanks.

2. “Endless Moment” (U, 2006)

“Endless Moment” is decidedly more angsty. This is a song about having lived a lonely life and finding someone who finally gives them happiness but in the end, along with a declaration that there was no one else for them, all that’s left of everything is a wish for that person to come back. 

3. “She’s Gone” (Don’t Don, 2007)

If you’re in the mood to lament over lost love, this is your song. Heavy with emotion and lost chances, “She’s Gone” is about the realization that a love that has ended. Its lyrics channel the feeling of deep regret and knowing that there are no more chances to make things right. 

4. “Let’s Not” (Sorry Sorry, 2009)

“Let’s Not” is another track that delves into the more bitter parts of love. It sings about someone leaving their beloved behind and warning them not to fall in love with a person like this again. The lyrics wishes that their former lover finds someone worthy, someone who will give them the happiness and the love they deserve, and closes off their chapter with a heart-wrenching request: “Please, I hope you will be happy/Let’s not meet again.”

5. “Blue Tomorrow” (Super Girl, 2009)

“Blue Tomorrow” by sub-unit Super Junior-M is a break-up song containing the frustrations and sadness of a person who still loves someone, debating if staying or leaving would be the right decision. In the end, however, they must come to terms with the reality that the relationship has already ended. 

6. “In My Dream” (Bonamana, 2010)

“In My Dream” sings about the dreams where the singer is still with their lover. However, their happy moments turn into a nightmare when their love decides to leave them for someone else. The song is about finding an escape from the pain and wishing to stay asleep since “in their dream” is the only place where the memories feel so alive.

7. “Andante” (A-CHA, 2011)

 “Andante” is about repeatedly reliving the memories of separating from a lover and just letting the pain course through. It hurts and the reminders of what they had are everywhere but there is resignation and comfort in the knowledge that someday, the emotions and memories that haunt them will heal in their own time. 

8. “Storm” (Mr. Simple, 2011)

“Storm” channels the painful knowledge of a love that is ending, accepting that it is over, and walking away with some things still kept secret. 

9. “Bittersweet” (Sexy, Free & Single, 2012)

“Bittersweet” paints the picture of a heart being shattered by a cruel breakup and going through so much pain that it numbed the heart. It describes the intense feeling of hurt that was enough to destroy any remaining attachment, so strong that it made the singer wish that they had never fallen in love in the first place.

10. “Daydream” (Sexy, Free & Single, 2012)

“Daydream,” is a post break-up song about the memories of a love still playing in the singers’ thoughts. The jilted lover suffers a downward spiral and  doesn’t know whether to step back or to go forward. So, the only thing left is to linger, despite the knowledge that it’s over.

Without a doubt, Super Junior is an amazingly talented group that can pull of a variety of genres. However, perhaps their most charming pieces are the beautiful and, sometimes, heartbreaking ballads they deliver with such emotion!

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