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10 More Times K-pop Idols Rocked Their Halloween Costumes

Last year, we did a feature on 10 amazing K-pop idols who rocked their Halloween costumes. We talked about everyone from Super Junior to SEVENTEEN, so this year, we thought we would look at even more idols who got creative when it came to their costumes!

From rookie singers to senior artists, soloists to full groups, check out our list of 10 more times K-pop idols rocked their costumes. You can also click here to see our original list.

Check it out below, then let us know which costume is your favorite!

1) SHINee’s Key and Onew

Perhaps no Halloween costumes were as epic as SHINee’s Key and Onew when they went as the rivals from McDonald’s and KFC. The two chains are known competitors in Korea, so they even finished the night out with a “fight” scene that brought lots of laughter to everyone at the SMTOWN Halloween party.

2) 2AM’s Changmin

Multiple idols have donned the Joker look for Halloween, but 2AM’s Changmin looked especially perfect in the costume. With his tousled hair and eerie makeup, he looked ready to take on Batman at any moment.

3) GOT7

We love a group costume, so it comes as no surprise we loved GOT7’s superhero look. From Captain America to Thor, these handsome artists were ready to save the world and break a few hearts along the way.

4) BTS’s Suga

BTS loves to don a costume and have fun every Halloween in their now-famous dance practice videos. Although the members have put on epic looks over the years, perhaps none is quite so iconic as member Suga dressed up as the famous Naruto character~

5) NCT’s Taeyong

Fans were shocked to see just how much NCT’s Taeyong looked like Jack Frost in this costume. We knew Taeyong’s good looks made him look like he stepped out of an animation, but we didn’t realize just how much until this costume!

6) WJSN, PRISTIN, Oh My Girl

WJSN’s Bona and YeonJung, OH MY GIRL‘s Arin and YooA, and PRISTIN‘s Nayoung and KyulKyung got together for an ensemble costume at a Halloween festival in 2017. Although we loved each of their looks, we have to admit a partiality for Nayoung’s Wonder Woman look in particular!


When it comes to larger groups, it can be hard to find enough cute, fun costumes without looking too overboard and ditracting in photos. That’s why we loved when TWICE all dressed up as Harry Potter! With matching outfits and capes, these wizards were adorable and lovely on their way to a music show!

8) TVXQ’s Max and EXO’s Xiumin

SMTOWN stars sure know how to put together great costumes for their annual party! However, we especially loved when EXO’s Xiumin went as Chucky (complete with reddish-orange hair and facial scars!), and TVXQ’a Max went as ACE from One Piece. In fact, Max’s outfit was so perfect that the voice actor for ACE’s character shared Max’s costume on Twitter and said it was amazing!

9) T-ara

T-ara showed just how well an ensemble costume can look when there is a common theme. Donning the outfits of famous ghosts and monsters, the girls looked both adorable and scary for Halloween. From the famous Grim Reaper from Korea to the hopping vampire from China, T-ara’s look was international!

10) Monsta X

On most days, it’s impossible for Monsta X to get any cuter! However, they showed that even they can take it up a notch when they dressed as matching vampires. Although their outfits were cute and they all looked handsome, it was really the way their individual personalities still shined through that made this look unforgettable (we especially love Hyungwon’s blank stare!).

Which Halloween costume do you like the best? What other idols should we include on the list? Let us know your thoughts by tweeting to us @whatthekpop1!

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