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10 Amazing 2017 Comebacks You Might Have Missed

Since the new year started, there have been nonstop comebacks by popular groups such as BTS, TWICE, AOA, and more.  Even though March itself has just begun, it seems like this month’s list of comebacks is growing nonstop. It’s obvious that with so many popular soloists and groups dominating the charts, many artists’ comebacks are falling through the cracks and going unnoticed.

We wanted the chance for all these artists to shine and for their amazing songs and performances to get the recognition they deserved, so we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite comebacks in 2017 that you might have missed completely!

1. Dynamic Duo (ft. Chen from EXO) – “Nosedive”

This song was released January 23rd and is a nice mix of Chen’s sweet vocals and Dynamic Duo’s heavy rap style. The artistic value of this song is definitely showcased in the slower tempo, R&B melody.

2. Mad Clown (ft. Bolbbalgan4) – “Lost Without You”

This track was released on February 2nd. Mad Clown uses his stronger rap skills on top of a slow, groovy melody, making for a soothing R&B song to which anyone can jam and groove!

3. MASC – “Tina”

This MV was released on February 5th and showcases a very film noir look with the black and white and 50s-esque theme! It shows the members in a very mature concept— something very nice to see from this group!

4.Jung Joon Young (ft. Jang Hyejin) – “Me and You”

After his hiatus from variety shows and music, Joonyoung made his comeback with this hit song, “Me and You,” on February 7th! The smooth melody shows off his gorgeous vocals, making for a great comeback song.

5. B.I.G – “1.2.3”

On February 12th, B.I.G made their comeback with the upbeat song, “1.2.3. The song definitely showcased their amazing harmonization!

6. Dean (ft. Yerin Baek) – “Come Over”

On February 16th, Dean released the MV for his song “Come Over.” With a groovy, mid-tempo beat, this love song will definitely make anyone fall in love with it (and him)!

7. HIGH4 – “Love Line”

HIGH4 released their new song “Love Line” on February 26th!  This cute, R&B style song showcases all four members in one final song before leader Sunggu leaves the group after this album’s promotion. This song is definitely different from their past songs and showcases a new side to them!

8. Dreamcatcher – “Chase Me”

Dreamcatcher, previously MINX, released their song “Chase Me” on January 12th! This is a fast-tempo and catchy song! Some fans have made the comparison between this song and a Japanese show theme opening, and I can definitely hear the similarities!

9. HELLOVENUS- “Mysterious”

With an amazing storyline and colors, HELLOVENUS made their comeback with the song “Mysterious” on January 10th! This mid-tempo, catchy MV has striking sets and great choreography to go with it! An added bonus is the fact that ASTRO’s Eunwoo and actor Seo Kang Joon make an apearance in the video.

10. Boyfriend – “I Miss You”

Although this is a Japanese comeback, this song was a slower love ballad to appeal to all of our sad emotions! It has been almost two years since Boyfriend has had a Korean comeback, so hopefully there will be one soon!

Although there are many songs that could have made this list, these are some of the songs we believed got overlooked due to the comebacks from other groups! Every idol group or artist puts hours of love and work into their comebacks, so we as fans should appreciate every single one of them!

Which comeback was your favorite?! Did we miss another amazing song that should have been included? Let us know!

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