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WTK Review: Ji Chang Wook’s New, Action-Packed Film “Fabricated City”

“Fabricated City,” the new film directed by Park Kwang Hyun, is the story of an online leader of a video game combat unit known as Resurrection. Kwon Yu, played by Ji Chang Wook (“The K2”), is known for putting his talented team members first. In reality though, Kwon’s life is anything but heroic, as he struggles with chronic unemployment after getting cut from the national Taekwondo squad for assaulting a teammate.

Kwon Yu is still living at home and spends most of his time in an internet cafe, immersing his mind in the virtual world of internet games. He tosses his responsibilities away and plays, but his life suddenly hits rocks bottom as he is arrested for raping and killing a minor. Nothing makes sense to him, and he cannot explain what really happened.

Faced with evidence that seems to point right at him, he is convicted quickly. Even his public defender Min (Oh Jeong Se) doesn’t believe him and tries to talk him into telling the truth in order to lower his sentence. However, Kwon continues to insist he is innocent, and it results in him being sentenced to life without parole. He is eventually able to escape from prison with the help of a serial killer and gets in contact with his team to help him.

Kwon wants only to prove his innocence— not just to the public, but for the benefit of his beloved mother. Kwon seeks out help from an elite team who was already investigating his case due to the suspicious turn of events. It turns out that some high-ranking people were involved, using Kwon as a scapegoat to cover their dirty crimes.

With the help of an expert hacker (Shin Eun Kyung of “Miss Granny”) and his fellow teammates, they attempt to take down the bad guys and prove his innocence.

This movie is definitely a good one and has a great plot twist that you don’t want to miss! You will enjoy watching Kwon and his team as they work hard to bring the truth to light, finding the corruption is much bigger than they expected and involved more innocent victims than Kwon himself.

With lots of action, great acting from the cast, stunning visuals, and a fast-paced plot, this is definitely a movie you won’t regret seeing!

Have you seen this movie yet? If so, what did you think? Let us know in the comment section below.

Meanwhile, check out the trailer below!

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