Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

WTK QUIZ: Which Awesome K-Rock Girl Band Should You Be Listening To?

Korean rock is a popular genre, with many famous bands coming out of Korea! But have you ever wondered if there is a cool Korean girl band you could love? Well, look no further! WTK has the perfect quiz to help you discover which band you should be listening to.

Find out which K-Rock girl band fits your personality by taking the quiz below. You can also take several times with different answers to discover even more awesome bands!

Paradoxicalsuds has been into Kpop since high school, and has grown to not only love the music, but the Korean culture, language, and Korea’s rich history. An avid Sone, Primadonna, Elvis, and IGOT7, she has also cascaded into Seventeen’s Diamond Life and has no wish of ever escaping. When she’s not writing on WTK you can find her reading various books and drinking tea with her various pets.
Media: FNC Entertainment