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WTK Concert Review: Groovin’ With Ravi And Xydo On 2022 GROOVL1N U.S. Tour

WTK is back with another concert review! This time it’s for Ravi’s label, GROOVL1N. The popular artist came to the U.S. on his 2022 GROOVL1N U.S. Tour, stopping in various cities around the country. Although fellow GROOVL1N artists, Cold Bay and nafla were set to attend the tour, unfortunately personal issues meant that they could no longer participate in the shows. However, Ravi and soloist Xydo know how to put on a good show, so it was a blast that fans were able to enjoy! 

The Artists

Quick recap: Ravi is a South Korean rapper, singer-songwriter, producer, and CEO of both GROOVL1N and The L1VE (a second label which houses powerful artists Ailee and Wheein). He is also a member of VIXX. In 2017, Ravi made his solo debut with his first mini-album, R.EAL1ZE. After other releases such as El Dorado and NIRAVANA, his latest release was his second studio album, Love & Fight.

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Xydo (시도) is a South Korean singer who used to be an underground R&B artist. He applied to be on the 2019 hip-hop survival show “Signhere,” but cancelled due to being signed with “GROOVL1N.” He went on to make his official debut in August of 2019 and has since been in demand for collaborations with some of the best artists in the industry, including Moonbyul, pH-1, Bumkey, Minseo, and more. His latest release was his second EP, Cycle, in 2021.

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The concert was held at the Buckhead Theatre in Atlanta on May 17th. The house opened at 7:30, but of course fans had been there long before, pumping each other up. Before the show started, the award-winning dance team, GT Seoulstice, dazzled the audience with their moves, including breakdancing and a spectacular dance cover of “ZOO” by Taeyong of NCT

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The Venue

If you have never been to the Buckhead Theatre for a show, I highly recommend it. The lobby is classy and fitted with a retro aesthetic, evoking old Hollywood glamour paired with a very modern bar and giant flat screen TVs. Inside the hall is a warm interior. Rich reds, browns, and gold accents give the room a cozy vibe. A large disco ball hung from the ceiling cause light flecks to dance on the cascading red velvet curtains which are draped everywhere. Beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, are available for purchase.

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Ticketing and Perks

There were five tiers for concertgoers. T5-T3 was general admission, and next up were the VIP and VVIP tickets. With the VIP ticket, fans got a group photo, hi-touch, VIP badge with lanyard, and first entry to the premium section. The VVIP fans got all the former perks, as well as entry into the fan-sign and a free poster.

The Concert

Xydo was first up to perform. He sang his 2019 singles, “Drawing,” “Spotlight,” and “#OOTD.” He performed his other hit songs like, “Me Without You,” “Paradigm,” and “Betting,” followed by “M.U.S.E” and “Hollow” from his 2020 X EP. Music lovers unfamiliar with Xydo should check him out for his friendly demeanor, sweet tenor voice, and solid falsetto notes!

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Xydo talked about how he performed in Ravi’s MV “Nirvana.” He said he heard about the tour and wanted to join. He apologized for his English not being that great, but he had no need to apologize as he was perfectly understood. Xydo was so happy to be doing a show overseas, and he commented on the beauty of Atlanta. “Atlanta weather is so pretty!” he stated. Fans wanted more songs, but he amusingly apologized and said, “No more songs after this, because Ravi is waiting! Ravi prepared a lot, so look forward to it!”

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Ravi bounced onstage in a simple purple hoodie and painted, ripped jeans and performed “Groovin’,” “Rockstar,” and “Flower Garden” back-to-back without a drop in energy! He then greeted the crowd and said how he was happy to be back. He lamented how he had to put of the tour for nearly two years. Ravi then perked up and promised to show the crowd very powerful songs. He told everyone, “Last time in the U.S. was amazing, so I am excited and happy to be here again. This time…with new songs. Sing! Dance! Whatever you want!”

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For the rest of the concert, he changed out to a classic white t-shirt and cap, accented by glimmering accessories. He performed his hits such as “Roses,” “Cardigan,” “Tuxedo,” “Virus,” “Love Hate Fight,” and more. He danced and rapped around the stage with a playful, yet powerful swagger, occasionally making goofy face sand cracking smiles— truly feeling himself and having fun!

Both Xydo and Ravi are clearly very talented artists and possess crazy energy and endurance with a playful attitude onstage. Fans were sad to see them go, but after the house lights came on, many stayed for the VVIP perks.

The Final Word

This marks Ravi’s final U.S. tour as he will soon enlist in the military, as he previously announced. As such, it was a bittersweet ending for fans as the hype, fun show came to an end. Regardless, fans will definitely be waiting for Ravi’s return and supporting him and the other GROOVL1N artists until his return!

To hear more music from Ravi, Xydo, and other GROOVL1N artists, check out their YouTube channel by clicking here. To keep up to date with all of the GROOVL1N artists’ releases, you can also follow the label on social media here: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

In order to follow Ravi’s social media handles, click here: Twitter, Instagram. For Xydo’s online channels, follow them here: Twitter, Instagram.

We want to send a special thank you to GROOVL1N and Studio PAV for allowing us to attend this concert and review it! Studio PAV has more tours lined up for fans this year, so check it out by following them on their social media accounts here: Ticketing Website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. You can soon see DKB, Golden Child, Brave Girls, and more!

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Editor’s Note:

We would also like to send a hearty thanks to KpopxAtlanta and their photographer for kindly sharing their photos of the event with us in order to complete this article. On the way to the concert, our own WTK photographer was involved in a car accident. Although she ended up being ok, she was of course not able to attend the event. We so appreciate the kindness extended to us in a moment of need, which can be hard to find sometimes in this industry. Many thanks!