Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

Woman Who Accused Himchan Of Sexual Harassment Is Forwarded To Prosecution On Suspicions Of Blackmail

The woman (commonly referred to as “Miss A”) who accused B.A.P‘s Himchan of sexual harassment (more accurately described as indecent act by compulsion) has been forwarded to prosecution for suspicions of joint blackmail. No other details concerning these suspicions against her have been revealed.

Last year, the woman in question accused Himchan of “indecent act by compulsion” (for an explanation of what this charge means, click here). According to her statement, she was one of three females at a house party with Himchan and two other males when Himchan assaulted her. After a full investigation, the charge was officially listed as “indecent act by compulsion” and was forwarded for prosecution.

According to Himchan’s lawyer, Himchan and Miss A had mutual feelings at the time and was therefore not a case of indecent act by compulsion. He stated that although there was no verbal consent, there was implied consent and it was followed by kissing and touching of her chest. He then clarified that no other physical contact had happened beyond that.

Himchan’s case is currently awaiting its second trial date. Meanwhile, the prosecution will make their own investigation against Miss A for her recommended charge of joint blackmail.

Media: TS Entertainment
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