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WATCH: ZEROBASEONE Makes You “Feel the POP” In Splashy Comeback MV

On May 13th at 6 p.m. KST, ZEROBASEONE‘s third mini-album You had me at HELLO, and the music video for its title track “Feel the POP” were released!

The lead single is a pop song that mixes rhythms of drum & bass, UK garage, and Jersey club genres, showing the group’s willingness to take on a new musical challenge. The lyrics express ZEROBASEONE’s determination to present the best time so that all the hesitations, worries, and troubles that every young person faces can be forgotten and blown away for just a moment.

American singer-songwriter MAX took part in writing and composing “Feel the POP” with dwilly and Sean Douglas. Additionally, lyricists Kim Su Ji (lalala studio), Yoona Ha, 12h51m (XYXX), Lee Hyoung Joo, and Kim So Ha also penned lyrics.

In the music video, the nine ZEROBASEONE members take on witty roles as they transform into cowboys, dance on a flooded tennis court and even drive a flying car. All to give viewers an exhilarating feeling of joy as they “POP” all their negative emotions.

You had me at HELLO complete the album trilogy which began with the group’s debut YOUTH IN THE SHADE and its follow-up MELTING POINT, both released in 2023. The third mini-album contains seven songs including the catchy summer pre-release “SWEAT” as well as a sped-up version of the title track.

Check out the splendid music video for “Feel the POP” below!

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