Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

WATCH: Yun Song A Joins MustB’s Taegeon For “Diamond Hotel” OST “Love Seeps In” MV

On September 1st KST, actress and singer Yun Song A of the upcoming web drama “Diamond Hotel” teamed up with Taegeon of boy group MustB for part one of the web drama’s OST “Love Seeps In.” 

The track is a medium-tempo song about the intensity of falling in love unexpectedly without even realizing it. It then portrays the pure feelings of love in a rhythmic, yet calm way.

It was made through the work of talented and unique composer Lee Hyunsoo, who was in charge of directing the music for the “Diamond Hotel” web drama. You may recognize Yun Song A as trot singer Gold SongA, who recently made her debut with the single “Pink Heart” on June 15th.

“Diamond Hotel” is a mystery romance drama with a cast that includes Yun Song A and ex-HOTSHOT member Yoon San. Taegeon, along with his MustB member Sihoo, also make appearances in the second half of the drama. It will air on September 18th over Korea’s Chuseok holiday on DongA TV.

Check out the MV for “Love Seeps In” below!


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