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WATCH: Woosung Of The Rose Is Hypnotized By “Dimples” In New Solo Music Video


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It’s been 3 months since The Rose frontman last added to his solo repertoire with “Lazy (feat. Teddy)” back in June, now the unmistakable voice of Woosung is back again with “Dimples,” released on September 23rd PT. 

The song is a blend of synth pop, new wave, and indie-rock, taking its influence from the retro resurgence the music scene has experienced as of late. Written and composed by Woosung, the lyrics detail getting lost in the enchanting beauty of someone who ignites an intense desire in you that is too much to handle. 

Woosung’s signature vocal quirks and stylistic inflections are all over this track, creating a unique sound that makes it a satisfying listen from beginning to end.

The music video was created by members of the team at ZANYBROS and demonstrates the song’s lyrical content through strong visuals and captivating imagery. It further illustrates the depth in which the singer has fallen for his on-screen partner – played by actress An Sohyun – and her mesmorizing dimples. 

The MV was also made in partnership with vegan/eco-friendly fashion brand MARHEN.J which Woosung teamed up with for his first fashion and music collaboration where he was given the opportunity to design a custom bag. The design is part of the “WOOSUNG X MARHEN.J” collection which also includes his favorite MARHEN.J bag and a wolf charm accessory inspired by his wolf concept.

Each product from the collection is featured in the “Dimples” music video. Choosing to work with the brand upon learning that their products are made from apples instead of traditional leather reflects Woosung’s personal values since he identifies as a vegan himself.

“Dimples” is the second track to be released on the singer and guitarist’s own independent label, Woolfpack, following The Rose’s departure from former agency J&Star Company after a year-long dispute. Woosung assured fans earlier this year that the band are still together and he is currently waiting for his bandmates HajoonDojoon, and Jaehyung to finish their mandatory military service. 

Unlike his previous track, the singer has been far from “Lazy” recently, already working on an upcoming song with good friend BM of KARD, and earlier this month participating in his own collection on platform Mindset by DIVE Studios. The exclusive eight-episode series has Woosung bravely opening up about his struggles with depression and eating disorders, as well as the up-and-downs of his life and career and everything in between. 

Listen to “Dimples” on your favourite platform here and get lost in the music video below!

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