Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

WATCH: VICTON’s Han Seungwoo Enthralls In Highly-Anticipated “Sacrifice” Solo Debut

Four years into his debut as a member of Play M Entertainment boy group VICTON, Han Seungwoo makes his much-anticipated solo debut on August 10th KST with his first mini album, Fame.

The title track “Sacrifice” tactfully unravels the story of making unconditional sacrifices for someone you love. With a melting pot of trap, pop, and R&B, Seungwoo’s captivating vocal tones are flaunted over groovy rhythms and a dynamic composition, showcasing his alluring talents as both a vocalist and rapper.

His skillset doesn’t stop there as evidenced by the show-stopping music video which features sports cars, high fashion, grand visuals, a seemingly endless army of dancers. Of course, Seungwoo’s magnetising performance takes centerstage.

The choreography is especially impressive in power and strength, notably the singer’s solo dance breaks. Throughout the video, the shots capture how he moves his body to the music with grace and elegance, channeling both contemporary and classic dancing styles.

The lyrics on all six tracks on Fame were written by Seungwoo and are filled with honest expressions of the 27-year old’s personal thoughts and concerns, including the happiness and hardships he has endured while working towards his dream over the past four years.

The former X1 leader also composed three of the songs himself, and hopes the album will give fans happiness as they get to know more of his heart settled within the record.

Check out the exciting MV below!

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Media: Play M Entertainment