Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

WATCH: VERMUDA Gears Up For Official Debut In “Dream Girl” Teaser

As we reported earlier, rookie group VERMUDA is getting ready for their official debut!

On June 11th KST, they dropped the teaser video for their upcoming MV, “Dream Girl.” The Triple J Entertainment group has been busy in Japan before now, holding showcases and fan meetings in an attempt to build their fan base before their actual debut. Now, they have arrived back in Korea and are ready to make their debut official.

Former 100% member Changbum is part of the group, as is Na Kang (N.K), former member of ZPZG, and Choi Seon, former member of Mr.Slam. There are two more members in VERMUDA who are trainees and have not previously debuted.

Check out the teaser below! This looks really promising! What do you think?

Media: Triple J Entertainment

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