Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

WATCH: VAV Gifts Fans With Surprise MV For Stylish “I’m Sorry” Track

VAV has released a new music video!

On April 7th, the talented group from A Team Entertainment revealed the music video for “I’m Sorry,” a video released as a surprise for fans in thanks of their support. The song is a recent B-track off the group’s newest album, THRILLA KILLA. The song was composed by St. Van and features lyrics by St. Van, Ayno, and Lou. In the meantime, Lou and St. Van also co-arranged the song, showing off their growing talent as a self-producing idol group.

To set off the sexy, R&B-inspired beat of the track, the music video was shot overseas among sophisticated, European scenery. Dressed in stylish outfits and looking handsome, VAV is living up to their promise of “transforming into a ‘Homme Fatale’ who is giving off [an] alluring sexy look.” Their label went on to state that VAV will approach both their domestic and global fans with a ” sensual yet deadly captivating sexiness throughout the album songs’ lyrics and melodies.”

Check out the new MV below! What do you think?

Media: A Team Entertainment