Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

WATCH: TWICE Returns With Fantastical “I Can’t Stop Me” Music Video

TWICE jumpstarted their new era on October 26th at 6 p.m. KST with the release of a new album as well as a music video for their lead track, “I Can’t Stop Me.”

A complementing blend of European EDM and classic American synth, “I Can’t Stop Me” sings about the wanting something so badly and then letting themselves get swept away by temptation. J.Y. Park together with Shim Eunji wrote the lyrics while Melanie Joy Fontana, Michel Lindgren Schulz, and A Wright composed the music.

Eyes Wide Open marks TWICE’s second full album which features 13 new songs for fans to enjoys. It is available in three versions: Story, Style, and Retro.

TWICE recently celebrated their fifth debut anniversary on October 20th KST and had previously returned with “MORE & MORE” back in June.

Watch the music video here!

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MEDIA: JYP Entertainment