Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

WATCH: TWICE Makes Us Cry Sad Tears And Anticipate Halloween With New “TT” MV

Girl group TWICE made their long-awaited comeback today, October 24th at 12 am KST, with an MV for “TT,” the title track for their new mini album, TWICEcoaster: Lane 1. 

By 1:30 am KST, the track held the number one spot on eight real-time charts: Melon, Mnet, Genie, Naver, Bugs, Olleh, Soribada, and Monkey3.

The MV opens with two children knocking on the door of a huge, spooky, old building, before it opens mysteriously to let them enter. Cue TWICE breaking into dance, as you see each member appear as different fairy tale-type roles. Pirates, an evil queen, superheroes, princesses, and even characters like Pinocchio and Tinkerbell make an appearance!

The title “TT” is based on the emoticon commonly used in Korea to describe crying, since the two letters look like closed eyes with streams of tears coming down. Despite the girls talking about crying, the lyrics and the dance are both typical, adorable TWICE.

Watch the full MV before! Are you excited for Halloween?

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Media: JYP Entertainment

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