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WATCH: Triple H Drops Controversial “365 FRESH” MV For Official Debut

Sex, violence, suicide, booze, and more— that’s what Triple H‘s debut MV has in store for viewers!

On May 1st, the new unit from Cube Entertainment dropped the music video for “365 FRESH.” The song is upbeat, fun, funky, and— of course— fresh! The retro vibe is the perfect jam to add to your summer playlist.

The music video itself, however, left some viewers surprised with the controversial subject matter. We see each of the three members, Hwi, E’Dawn, and Hyuna, hit rock bottom in their own lives— running from the police due to various reasons and beginning a cycle of sex, partying, and alcohol.

Apart from the violence and wild party manner, what disturbs some viewers is the fact that one of the group’s members is seen plotting his suicide, trying out various methods, and then attempting to kill himself by jumping in front of a car. As the lives of the three members spiral out of control and the police corner them, they join hands, and in a Thelma and Louise-type move, commit suicide together— all with huge smiles on their faces.

While the song is fun to jam along to, the suicidal message in the video can be triggering to viewers who struggle with true suicidal thoughts in real life, leading to the real controversy about the MV.

Check it out below, and see for yourself!

*Please note that the following video may be triggering for those with suicidal thoughts. There is no official age rating for this MV, so please use caution.

Media: Cube Entertainment

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