Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

WATCH: Teaser Released For New Variety Show “Where Are You Going, DdaengChul?”

A new teaser video has been released for the upcoming variety show “Where Are You Going, DdaengChul?” (literal translation).

“Where Are You Going, DdaengChul?” (땡철이 어디가) is a new travel variety show starring Super Junior’s Kim Heechul and comedians Kim Young Cheol and Noh Hong Chul. The three “Chul” brothers will be staying at guest houses in Korea and seeing all the local attractions, food, and scenery the destinations have to offer.

Kim Heechul said that he isn’t a particular fan of travel. In fact, he shared that even when their group travels, he likes to stay in the hotel and only go out at night. However, he thought the “Chul” brothers idea was fun, especially as he is really fond of the older men. It looks like many viewers will be surprised once the show airs, because despite the fact that Heechul is known as someone loud and crazy, he admitted that he is actually the quietest of the trio.

Viewers are already anticipating the show due to the popularity of both Kim Heechul and Kim Young Chul on their other variety show “Knowing Bros.”

“Where Are You Going DdaengChul?” will begin airing on July 15th on Chosun TV.

Check out the new trailer below! Are you excited for the show?

Media: Naver TV

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