Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

WATCH: Teaser Released For New JTBC Drama ”Clean With Passion For Now”

Kim Yoo Jung is back in drama land with the JTBC drama ”Clean With Passion For Now.” The series co-stars Yoon Gyun Sang (“Doubtful Victory”) and Song Jae Rim (”Secret Mother”)!

”Clean With Passion For Now” is a romantic comedy drama which is based on a webtoon about the neat-freak boss of a cleaning company. The boss, Jang Seon Kyul (Yoon Gyun Sang), meets his employee Gil Oh Soo (Kim Yoo Jung) , a carefree person who lives messily but has a good and positive outlook in life. Gil Oh So helps her boss Jang Seon Kyul face his mysophobia, but the two soon begin to fall for each other.

Meanwhile, Song Jae Rim plays Mr. Choi, Oh Sol’s neighbor who is a mysterious and free-spirited person.

”Clean With Passion For Now” is set to air on November 26th.

Are you excited for this drama?

Watch the teaser below.

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