Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

WATCH: Teaser Released For “My Golden Life” With Park Si Hoo And Shin Hye Sun

A new Kdrama is coming soon that is sure to please fans!

The plot centers around the story of a woman who works hard to rise up in life and a man looking for happiness. Choi Dae Kyung (Park Si Hoo) is the only son of Haechung Group’s President and Director. Seo Ji Ahn (Shin Hye Sun), a former rich girl, becomes the breadwinner of her household after her father’s business goes bankrupt. She works as a contractual employee carrying big responsibility and working hard to get ahead. She finds ways  to be happy despite her circumstances.

Directed by Kim Hyung Suk (“Hwarang”) and written by So Hyun Kyung (“Shining Inheritance”), the drama has a total of 50 episodes and will center on the topic of family and romance.

Other casts include Lee Tae Wan (“Father I’ll Take Care of You”), So Eun So (“Duel”), Lee Da In (“Hwarang”), and Lee Tae Sung (“Rooftop Prince”).

My Golden Life” is under the KBS network and is set to release on Sept 2.

Watch the teaser below. Are you excited ?


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Media: KBS

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