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WATCH: SF9 Laments Toxic Relationships In “Trauma” Music Video From 10th EP Rumination

On November 22nd KST, SF9 released Rumination, their 10th EP along with the music video for their title track, “Trauma”. Their last comeback was in July of this year with the EP, Turn Over.

Great storytelling tools are used with the use of erratic camera movements, jagged and jerky choreography, and the angsty expressions seen in the extreme close-ups of a member’s face. The choreography in the chorus as if giving themselves a traumatic head injury, perhaps one to rival the pain in their hearts, is a great illustrative addition to the message of the lyrics.

Credit: FNC Entertainment
Credit: FNC Entertainment

One cannot watch this music video without complimenting the set design and artistic vision. The music video is a swirl of rich mature colors, predominantly black, red, gold, and blue. Numbers in French up to nine (for SF9, presumably) are hidden throughout the video.

The sets are luxurious yet darkly lit save for dramatic lighting. Their fashion is elegant yet edgy and screams of turbulent emotions lurking within. This overall darkness adds to the helpless tone and pessimism of the lyrics.

Credit: FNC Entertainment

Musically, the song can be summarized as melodramatic disco with gritty rap breaks all wrapped up into an EDM dance beat. The wavering synth sound during the chorus feels like it swims deep inside the brain. Soaring vocals against a repetitive falling synth instrumental is an interesting yet pleasant choice. The sweet but strained melody of the chorus opposite the strum of the electric guitar, deep bass beats, and mellow synth is sure to keep fans repeating it again and again.

Check out the video here!

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MEDIA: FNC Entertainment